Business IT Services for Start Ups

IT support when you need it

We are dedicated to keeping your IT running smoothly so you can focus on getting work done.

IT Support

We provide wide variety of IT service support to start ups. This includes on demand hourly subscriptions, monthly fixed support & on client-site team engagement on our pay-role.

On Demand  Support

Since our speciality includes wide variety of IT services, we have a large pool of talented individuals who we engage on client's demand within 24 hours of request.

Monthly Fixed Support

Under this module, we engage with the client on a fixed term support (standard pre-defined hours) so client's business needs are addressed. 

On-site Team Engagement

When client has a continuous or long term needs for IT solutions, depending upon the work scope we offer this support to address business needs. 



This subscription service includes standard desktop support services such as software installation, troubleshooting, virus/malware removal, network connectivity support, and user account management.



This subscription service includes all the services offered in the Basic package, plus additional features such as proactive system maintenance, software updates/patches, hardware replacement and upgrade support, and data backup and recovery services.



This subscription service includes all the features of the Pro package, plus more advanced services such as security audits and assessments, cybersecurity protection, data encryption, and network monitoring and management.



This subscription service includes all the features of the Premium package, plus customized and tailored solutions for specific business needs, such as cloud management, virtualization support, specialized software implementation, and IT project management services.

Additionally, the Enterprise package offers priority support and access to a dedicated account manager for personalized service and support.

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